Authentic Photography

Esteemed Gentlemen,

Authentic photography of our beautiful women and escort modelsWe’d like to personally guarantee that all the Mynt Models® elite escort photos (which Members will be shown personally) are 100% authentic and recent. You will absolutely meet the woman we promote to you..
In fact, if you’re an exclusive member, then you already know the beautiful ladies offer uncovered photos and video footage for private viewing, so there’s no question as to who you’ll be meeting.In addition, our descriptions are as accurate as possible. We see no merit in not delivering on what we promise. We spend time with the models to get to know them so we can really match them to you as perfectly as possible.

As you can imagine when working with high end models and accomplished career ladies, it can be difficult to protect their identity and make them feel comfortable, while allowing you to glean an example of what to expect. 🙂

We have images taken by our own in-house photographer, and by other professional photographers that the models have hired. We’ve met with and verified the authenticity of photos for all the models. We ask to view the raw images also, so we can ensure there hasn’t been a lot of airbrushing and false representation… We do our best to prevent that. We have no interest in false promises and disappointing experiences for our callers. We’d rather under-promise and over-deliver.

Perhaps you’re wondering how we can claim 100% genuine photos, considering the Mynt Models® girls are located all over the world. We’re diligent & serious about smooth operations and quality experiences – as such, we meet all our applicants personally and spend some time getting to know them, before inviting them to join our little family.


Tired of fake, airbrushed images? Real phtoos are available at Mynt ModelsSelecting only genuinely upscale, exceptional young ladies is one of our highest priorities. We carefully select only models who fit all our criteria, and this requires getting to know her relatively well – and staying in touch. We’re more interested in providing a few high quality companions than a broad range of regular or mediocre individuals.

Every accepted applicant needs to be well groomed and well presented (have a sense of style and discretion), be fit and healthy, naturally beautiful, understated, educated, and of a warm and friendly nature. She needs to be reliable, honest and poised, as well as possessing a tasteful spirit of excitement and adventure. In a nutshell, the perfect woman! With her own personality, of course.

The escort models must have professional photography to represent herself truthfully. We chase authenticity as closely as possible, on every level, while maintaining everyone’s privacy. That’s a fine line to tread!

Finally, all our charming top model escorts are working with us exclusively. We don’t work with ladies who are listed in multiple agencies.
Hopefully this answers your questions and puts your mind at ease.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any further questions.