About the Agency

As a UHNWI concierge, Mynt Models®’ insignia is to treat every caller like they are our only caller.

VIP elite escort Sydney.The agency furnishes you with more than just another escort date. Providing fresh VIP escort models and luxury travel  companions worldwide, you can be certain of premium quality and ultimate discretion.

Above all, we pledge 100% confidentiality and privacy forever. All our personnel sign legal non-disclosure agreements, and we give our word of honour to NEVER disclose the details of our clients and models, ever. How common, to crawl so low as to use someone else’s trust, to gain publicity or income! Mynt Models® personnel and management would never, ever behave with such distasteful conduct.

We bring exceptional people together for exceptional experiences – with no nasty side effects! Absolute privacy forever.

Mynt Models® commenced in 1991 in Europe, to attend to a refined, selective patronage seeking legitimately high quality companionship. The agency, slowly expanding worldwide, can now provide sexy escort dates and courtesans throughout Australia, in cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane.

Mynt Models® insists on operating in defiant response to a declining trend in professed “elite” escort services. While escorting and companion agencies have clearly been happy to raise their fees, a large majority were unfortunately not preserving or increasing their quality. There’s rather more to establishing oneself as a luxury professional escort agency than simply posting a lovely website.

We carefully maintain and defend the status and style for which all ‘high class escorts’ were once acclaimed. Acquainting upmarket, skilled and accomplished young VIP women with high end, successful gentlemen is the heart of our service. A successful elite courtesan candidate must be authentically fresh and good natured, with a warm heart. She must be drug-free, educated, and extremely personable.

Excellent schooling, natural intelligence, reliability and graceful charisma are typical requirements, along with classic beauty, elegant grooming and fitness. We prefer light-hearted, positive-energy ladies who are preferably unseasoned within the local escort industry. Those from quality backgrounds are usually most appropriate for our members’ preferences. Obviously she must be completely at home within a high society environment, and well-acquainted with good manners and social etiquette. She must be truly elite  to offer her time for talented gfe dates.

We prefer to recruit single young women who are either working on their university degrees or are pursuing a personal career, be it modelling, management, writing, acting etc. Our optimal applicant is never fixated purely on her income. Seeking an appropriate fee for her time and competence as an elite companion is very different to demanding royal treatment with a narcissistic demeanour. If money is the lady’s main focus, as opposed to creating a beautiful connection with you, she’s misunderstood the point of being a courtesan and is not suited to our environment or clientele.


We are exceedingly selective with our VIP escort models

Our high expectations for stylish, discreet presentation, and our careful hiring process filters out only the most refined, highly skilled young ladies. Our genuinely conscientious selection and training of potential VIP escort girls in Sydney and Melbourne safeguards our quality. We’d rather work with less high quality models than a list of mediocre service providers. With our personal approach, you can be assured of a superior experience every time.

We guarantee you will not be embarrassed in public by a common, mannerless young lady, or feel let down by your VIP girlfriend experience. Our high class escort dating agency prioritises discretion and privacy, security, luxury mutual enjoyment and healthy energy exchanges. Our payment structure is the most confidential available worldwide, and our invoicing system provides professional billing via our discreet IT company.

We’re not in business merely to gain the maximum amount of callers, nor to accept every booking request. We select our lovely clients as carefully as our beautiful women, to maintain the sparkling concept of our establishment. Both Sydney escorts and Melbourne escorts are available for dinner dates and international travel companionship. Our beautiful ladies are also available for social events, black tie occasions and as your exclusive courtesan girlfriend.

As expert matchmakers, if we’re unable to match you with suitable dates, we’ll be transparent about that. We’ll never provide an introduction to ‘whomever is available’ like many other local agencies do. We don’t need to operate in an underhanded way. Honesty is our policy when organising appointments, and we’ll always be truthful. We’d prefer you to call us another time and enjoy the evening you’re expecting, rather than enduring a mediocre experience.

We’re well trusted by our international clientele, and we like to create lasting relationships with our lovely gentlemen. That requires demonstrating integrity, something we take very seriously. We appreciate that the effort an elite Melbourne or Sydney escort spends on her presentation for a date, as well as her investments in herself regarding her overall quality and grooming, deserves a generous fee for her time.

We also accept that any quality item bears a luxury price tag, and ideally, one gets what one pays for… However, we don’t agree that prices should be the main focus of any exchange. One spends voraciously on a high quality luxury vehicle – but it’s not about the cost, it’s about the quality of the vehicle you can enjoy thereafter. Elite courtesans should be much the same.

As such, we conduct our business under two facts. 1) Our fees are set at a premium as a measure to retain our luxury ladies’ freshness and exclusivity to only the most sophisticated, refined gentlemen. Escorts of this calibre are not available for just anyone who calls. Yet, 2) Our focus is not solely on an exchange of money-for-time only. We focus on an exchange of energies, within a mutually delightful experience.

Reparations are simply a formality, from a courteous, discriminating gentleman to a gracious young lady, to reassure her of his affluence and sincerity. If he can afford her fee, then he is more likely to be of higher education and appropriate manners & conduct.

We take great efforts to ensure you experience precisely the quality and luxury you expect, and nothing less. We anticipate discussing your needs with you, and facilitating your beautiful, exciting memories.

Simply contact us anytime for assistance, or request a callback. We can discuss your preferences at your convenience, answer any questions you have, and arrange an incredible, unforgettable introduction. Read more about our reputation here.