Making Appointments For Courtesan Escorts

making a date for an escortAppointments tend to loosely define the professionalism of an agency, and are something that some escort agencies don’t require. They have a large range of girls on call, and when you call to book someone they send whichever escort is available on-call that night. She maybe similar to the girl you chose from the website, or it may be the girl herself. But when you call at the last minute, most agencies will do whatever they have to, to get your booking.


However a high end agency will have real women working with them, who are not full time escorts. They pursue careers and study, and are fresh, genuine girls, not career escorts. This calibre of women are obviously not available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and definitely not at short notice. So appointments are requested and appreciated, to allow the model time to plan her week’s schedule and prepare herself for your date. We like to operate in this way, to ensure our escort models are not stressed with last-minute rushing or inappropriate appointments.


This is not to say you can’t call to see if someone may happen to be available – by all means, email us that afternoon, to see which ladies may have some spare time that evening. IF we can assist you we will certainly try. However there is no guarantee the model you’d like to meet (or indeed any of the courtesans) will be available at the last minute, or will little notice.


It’s like when asking a colleague on a date – would you walk up to her after work and say ‘Are you free for dinner right now?’ She MIGHT be, but it’s unlikely if she’s a successful, accomplished woman. She’d like you to ask her to dinner on Wednesday evening, or Saturday evening, so she can actually move her plans and accept, and also prepare herself to be stunning and relaxed for you.
Generally we cater to the more organized type of gentleman – businessmen, CEOs, celebrities, VIPs from all walks. They take their personal time seriously, and they plan it as carefully as they plan their business deals and career choices. These are successful, well-to-do gentlemen who work hard, and know how important it is to balance that with quality leisure time also. As in all areas of their lives, they seek out the highest quality, and they do spare-time in style. Luxury is their preference, so they make sure everything goes super smoothly. To do that, a little notice allows the perfect dream date to be available, and in pristine condition for you.


The refined VIP wants his experiences to be something beautiful, not forgettable. You’re not an average man, why utilize an average service? Obviously travel companions definitely require notice, the more lead time the better. (As a frequent flyer you’ll understand all the reasons why!) However for local appointments and dinner dates, treat yourself and the model with priority, and savour your leisure time together.  You wouldn’t scrimp or rush buying a car or choosing a suit, so don’t rush your relaxation either. This is an investment in your personal quality time. Appointments can be rescheduled if necessary; every busy businessman has moments where he needs to move things around. We simply ask for 24 hours notice if possible, for the same reason as making the appointment – out of courtesy to the model, in respect of her time.


Whether the elite courtesan is a model, actress, TV presenter, performer, top cabin crew or private jet flight attendant, or even a regular high end professional or academic studying for her degree – they all have personal lives and commitments just like you. So please do consider their time as you would any other woman you invite on a date with you in Sydney or Melbourne. She may also be booked with friends or family. And most of the ladies have regular self-investment classes for music lessons, dance classes, gym sessions of course. They can have shows, dinners, travel, beauty treatments, reading, and work projects taking up their time – these are all things she needs to work around. And the clientele we cater for definitely prefer this kind of woman, than someone who is sitting on call waiting for dates, as a full time escort. An authentic, fresh courtesan is far more interesting and captivating than a mere physical encounter.


So when you book an appointment, the beautiful escort will book a hairdresser and makeup artist at her own expense, and set up an afternoon of beauty and grooming, so she is physically and mentally polished and refined, to meet with you for a mutually enjoyable experience. She treats her time with you as she would a date with anyone she spends time with. This is part of the difference between a courtesan and a general escort; the effort she goes to, for every date. Very few women of this level of society are available without at least some notice. But you never know! Contact us and we’ll make some calls and see if any of the models is available and in the mood for a fun dinner date with you!


As a new client or less experienced gentleman, hopefully this gives you an idea of what ‘Appointment Only’ means, and why we request it. Take advantage of our well-kept, private scheduling, to ensure the escort you’d like to meet can be available for you, and so she is always ready to join you on a date, whenever you require her on your arm.