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Recruitment for upscale travel companionsThank you for considering us in your search for an elite representation as a refined, VIP escort model. We work with a select group of upscale travel companions & model escort dates, providing a luxurious and protective environment. *If you are listed on multiple adult websites, or have any tattoos whatsoever, please don’t apply. Regretfully we cannot accept your application.* 


Are you a beautiful, fit model, actress or young professional with excellent manners, based in Australia? (International ladies who have found their way here, please visit our international site here). Are you educated, and dreaming of leading an independent, yet stress-free and affluent lifestyle, without the expense, hassle and security issues of dealing with your own business? Then you’re in the right place to make that happen.


If you’re quite at home in fine restaurants and luxurious hotels, in the company of a sophisticated gentleman, you may be suitable to join our team. (i.e. you don’t feel you have to put on airs and graces in a fine restaurant, you’re naturally accustomed to this level of society). If you’re elegant, gracious and feminine, and dream of relaxing yoga spa weekends and refined vacations with an interesting man, perhaps we can work together to get you there. Being international, you have the opportunity for travel to some wonderful locations like Paris, New York and five star tropical resorts. (Five star accommodations are always provided of course).


For a feminine young woman with natural beauty, who is seeking exciting, elegant adventures in a stylish setting, our elite escort agency provides the perfect avenue. Full training, top security, selected affluent clients and 100% support. We source and arrange dates for you with very generous, polite VIPs and international executives who are thoroughly screened. Enjoy a lucrative income and a wonderful life experience of world travel and luxury. We have a 12 hour dinner-date minimum, and we don’t provide hundreds of brief meetings like a traditional service-focused escort agency.

We actually prefer the word ‘companion’, really, as ‘escort’ conjures up distasteful connotations for many people, and attracts the wrong crowd. Still, marketing being what it is these days, all manner of phrases need to be included for search results. Regardless of marketing terms, the fact remains that we provide genuinely high quality engagements with VIP gentlemen & ladies, where the focus is on a mutually beautiful experience. The luxury and income are a bonus. ; )  Enjoy lucrative annual earnings and a wonderful life experience of world travel and luxury.


If we’ve piqued your interest, then we’ll be delighted to receive your application. Our security is strong and your safety is our #1 priority. This should be a fun, exciting time in your life, where you can set yourself up financially and move into your future with some solid capital. However please read this entire page to ensure you meet our clients’ requirements, as we are highly selective. We have to be, because our clients are. >>




Hiring a luxury escortWorking with Mynt Models® is an exciting and enjoyable opportunity. Our valued angels are like cherished family to us, and we work on a system of mutual honor, manners and loyalty. There is no place for greed or deception on either side.


Reliability and stability are important for us; We don’t work with models for a few weeks while they are in town. All our models are exclusive and under professional agreement for the protection of everyone on our team. Since you are not ‘on call’, you can enjoy the freedom of not having to sit around in an office all night on a specific shift. But you do need to be available when you say you are. **All meetings are arranged by appointment with plenty of notice; We Do Not cater for last minute meetings. Reliability is imperative.


When you join our family, you’re offered lots of support and assistance, including tutorials, depending on your level of knowledge. Experience has shown us what’s successful with our clientele, and this is a formula we adhere to closely.


The Mynt Models® establishment is renowned throughout Europe and USA for the high standards we uphold, and this is what reassures our high end clientele. Hence we will never compromise on that, including in our local Australian offices. Please continue. >>




What We Look For:


High class escort work recruitmentTo be considered as part of our ‘family’, you must be very fit, healthy and naturally beautiful. You must also be a warm-hearted and friendly person, with a humble soul and a loving nature. Confidence is fine, as long as it is combined with genuine consideration and respect for others, as any gracious woman of true class knows. She never forgets her purpose or responsibilities whilst enjoying herself as a high class companion.


You should be 18-30 years old, with excellent manners and a certain charisma. You should be an established model or actress, or a very accomplished professional with model looks (facially and physically). Being neat and hygienic is important; if your breeding is as fine as it should be, you will of course be well acquainted with tasteful attire and grooming. A fresh, natural look is important; someone who can look sun kissed and flawless, accepting themselves without a layer of makeup on will be most successful. 😉


You should also be comfortable conversing with new people, and able to quickly create a comfortable and friendly atmosphere. Nobody wants an unresponsive, shy or aloof companion beside them. Neither do they want a boisterous or too-talkative/ interruptive person either. This is where your breeding in terms of manners and social etiquette will show. Our gentlemen seek far more than just a pretty face, and they certainly don’t contact us seeking brief physical favors.. The right kind of young lady will appreciate that.


Our exciting “blind dates” are intended to be mutually enjoyable engagements, so if you’re very shy, or don’t enjoy meeting and socializing with new people, you probably won’t be as successful, or find the work as enjoyable. Having a personable, approachable nature is important. You should be confident without being arrogant or self-absorbed. You should be extremely well presented and absolutely drug free at all times. We love evolved individuals who lovingly consider other people’s feelings, and show consideration & care. We know these wonderful women do in fact exist, as we have a collection of them in our secret stable, who are extremely successful.


We also value intelligent ladies who are versatile enough to adapt to any situation, whether high society or relaxed & casual. And it goes without saying that elegant, graceful poise and diplomatic conduct will go a long way. Discretion and integrity matter immensely – underhanded or bitter types with ulterior motives will not be successful in the least; our callers are extremely selective. They want to meet kind, positive, light hearted and caring individuals. You must be tattoo-free and genuinely refined. You must be 100% female from birth. No judgement, it’s just what our clientele seeks.




What We offer:

Elite escort agency employment jobsMynt Models® genuinely offers a wonderful opportunity for intelligent, warm, beautiful women to supplement their income with a part-time luxurious position. Enjoy an excellent income, and meet interesting, lovely new people in the process. And all in your own time.


No experience is necessary, as you can be fully trained in our agency procedures and travel companion courtesan services. We spend a decent amount of time getting to know you, to ensure we know what you’re comfortable with, what kind of person you are, and which clients will suit you best. We’re selective with both ladies and clients, so you can rest assured you’re always in lovely company. Those who aren’t are quickly ejected.


Successful applicants will be contacted for an initial interview. If we feel you have potential to be appealing to our demographic of callers, we will assess other qualities, and go through your training and career path. As long as you’re educated, beautiful, warm-hearted and genuinely refined, with excellent grooming, you can apply with confidence. Beautiful University (college) students, gorgeous businesswomen & professional ladies, stunning flight attendants, models, dancers, actresses and artists are all welcome for elite escort work consideration.

While we encourage self-acceptance, and support all women in general, we do deal with a very selective clientele. All women are beautiful in life, however in the companion world, a specific look and standard is more successful than others. A pretty face/ nice physique is not enough. An intelligent and refined persona is not enough. A successful accomplished career or academia is not enough. A Mynt model must be the whole package.


If you are one of those accomplished women blessed with beauty and good genes, you can earn a lucrative income working from home, in your own time. We’ll teach you the secrets to making a lot of money quickly, tastefully and legally. We teach you how to succeed, step by step, to achieve your highest income potential.


High income work for educated, upmarket high society girlsHaving said that, if your focus is only on the money, it’s unlikely that you’ll be as successful as you could be. The elite companion engagement operates on an exchange of energies, and a beautiful connection, albeit temporary. While your focus is on your money, it’s not on your client… Which will create a problem!


Ironically, when you focus more on providing high quality for your clientele, the income takes care of itself, abundantly!


As with any business, this work is about building professional (not personal), caring relationships with people. That genuine care is what keeps our lovely gentlemen coming back for that TLC. Your own conduct, grooming and reputation will decide how successful you are. The sky is the limit for a truly high end woman who holds herself to elite standards.







Recruitment for elegant escorts and singles introductionsWe provide excellent conditions and security, and you’ll enjoy a life of abundance, safely. Your safety is monumentally important to us. We carefully screen all clients, and have security in place if needed (although we rarely need it; we are extremely selective, and our chosen clients are lovely!)


Finally, you can pay off those bills, buy your dream car, even put a deposit on a home. Enjoy going out when and where you want to, and wear the latest fashions. Eat in fine restaurants and stay in glamorous 5 star hotels, earn huge cash tips, and give gifts to loved ones; First class all the way. As long as you are able to maintain your high standards of elegance, discretion, cleanliness and integrity.


We consider all our beautiful young ladies to be extremely special, and we’ll work with you to not only achieve your highest earning potential, but to achieve your highest potential in your personal life also. We sincerely consider our models as family, and generally, our concern for you and our friendship connection doesn’t end after our business relationship does.


Share as a little or as much as you feel comfortable with, but we’re delighted with our position as adviser and mentor to our adorable and wonderful ladies. We love to see you flourish and grow into who you are going to be. We consider our time together a valuable stepping stone for your future. And we’re honored to be a part of it.


You’ll never be asked to undress or perform for a male agency member. Your companionship and entertainment is for your paying clients only. We provide a safe, friendly, professional and non-threatening environment.


We also teach you how to deal with clients, and how to handle all kinds of situations. Only do what you want to do – no unsafe ‘extras’ are ever expected. We’ll show you how to safely make the most money possible during your time in this industry, whilst enjoying yourself thoroughly.






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Elite international agency; work for beautiful escorts

As a fresh, natural beauty with positivity and rising success as your benchmarks, this glamorous, happy life can be yours, we’re just an email application away. Please fill the form below, or email your application and images directly to enq@myntmodels.com.au, (or myntmodelsofficial@gmail.com in the worst case of bouncing emails), attention to Nikka.  << THESE ARE THE *ONLY* EMAIL ADDRESSES WITH WHICH WE COMMUNICATE. IF ANYONE SHOULD CONTACT YOU FROM ANY OTHER EMAIL ADDRESS, WITH COPIED-AND-PASTED RESPONSES FROM US, PLEASE CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY. xx

Our interviews are very confidential; in fact any interaction with us is kept 100% confidential forever. We look forward to chatting over coffee and answering all your questions.

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Here are some other resources for you :

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We guarantee your information is 100% confidential forever, and is never shared with anyone outside of the agency management.

* By filling the form below, you confirm you are over 18, and have read through the information on this page and agree.
REMINDER: as mentioned above, we cannot work with ladies who have any tattoos at all. No judgement, it’s just our clients’ preference. Thank you.
We also cannot work with ladies listed on multiple adult or escort websites. If you are listed with multiple websites, please don’t apply. We represent highly accomplished and exclusive ladies only, and our gentlemen tell us as soon as they see a lady they recognize. Thank you. 🙂