Fees & Payments

*100% authenticity & integrity are important to us. *

Please see some of the elite escort companion fees below. Our company caters for discerning gentlemen of power and class who seek discreet and elegant dinner dates. Our urbane, beautiful Australian escorts are accustomed to these high standards, and overall they maintain a first class, luxury lifestyle. They tend to shrink from any environments or treatment lower than their usual; Quality, educated gentlemen understand the concept and importance of absorbing the right kind of energy.

The difference in galleries refers to the model companions’ overall quality. Things like refinement and life experience, her charm, poise and education. Also her intelligence, definitely her career status, sophistication, charisma, beauty, fitness and more are considered. If you’re seeking a brief and forgettable encounter, you’re in the wrong place 🙂

Our entry level companions are still of exceptional quality, comparable to a regular by-the-hour ‘high class escort’ available locally. Higher gallery levels offer more exceptional ladies. Generally you should think about choosing a companion who is similar to your own standards of refinement, but all of our models are beautiful in their own way. The fees are listed in AUD$ of course.


Please email us or call for information, quotes, or to arrange an exclusive introduction.

We don’t cater for everyone, but the lovely, kind-hearted gentlemen are most welcome 🙂
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* Additional transport fee applies

** 5% surcharge for major credit card payment. (visa, mastercard, american express) – in Australia 10% GST also applies.

*** Please allow us to offer you this currency converter with which to assess your own currency pricing (it will open a new window for your convenience).