The feminine and alluring Mynt Models® escort ladies always enjoy a chance to travel out of their locale and enjoy an extended engagement with you. Whether you’re booking 6 hours for a nearby business trip within Australia, or a multi-day decadence, we can definitely spoil you perfectly. Perhaps you’re seeking a refreshing getaway weekend, or a restorative vacation for a few weeks? Regardless of your requirements, we’ll do our best to comply with your schedule and preferences. Your experience with us will be affectionately remembered.


travel companion - elite travel buddyTRAVEL EXPENSES


All our companions travel by business class (unless the flight is under 2 hours), and all payment for travel bookings are due at least 7 days before the model’s flight. We’ll arrange her itinerary and send you confirmation immediately. Please allow as much time as possible for arrangements to be made, as flight schedules and seating can change quickly.

We’re also happy to assist you with transfers, reservations, limousine hire, private jet and yacht charter, helicopters, even close protection (bodyguard security) if needed.

We know our clients are intelligent, cultured gentlemen, who understand how to behave properly and represent themselves in a mannerly way. They know how to treat the ladies who are their invited guests. In the rare situation that any discrepancies arise, please remain calm and contact us immediately to discuss the situation. However this never happens.



Elegant, sophisticated international travel dates.

  • The ladies must have their own access key, to come and go as they wish.
  • The ladies must have 2 hours in every 24 hours to themselves for personal grooming needs.
  • The ladies must have 8 hours of sleep without interruption, every 24 hours.
  • Where possible, the ladies must be informed of any clothing they might need, especially if you decide to take your date to a different location during the booking. In this situation, it will be expected and appreciated for the gentleman to purchase the items she may not have bought with her – overcoat, bikini, evening gown etc..


For most of our clients, we don’t even need to mention this: cutting corners is not acceptable or appealing. (unfortunately it has been tried in the past.)

Please stay within your comfortable budget, and keep the elite, lovely companions in the lifestyle they live at home. (ie five star quality.)

Besides than any abovemetioned short-cut disappointments, or natural disasters, your experience should be completely magical, and we’ll be waiting to hear your glowing response!

Please visit our booking guide for more details.