The Ideal Escort & Travel Companion

To succeed as a professional elite escort is not difficult. However, it’s not effortless either. Initially, your natural talents will be important – some women will just simply never reach this level, just like some women will just never be able to be supermodels. You can read a more brief outline here.


How To Achieve Great Success As A Courtesan


Beautiful Looks, Style and Fitness

Natural, fresh, youthful beauty is obviously an important consideration – not the ONLY important aspect, but a good 50% of your success relies on your look. This includes beautiful features, a flawless healthy complexion, a youthful glow and a pleasant expression. (Not that there isn’t a demand for other types of companions – this is just the preference of the demographic of clientele to whom we cater.) – No amount of facials, fillers, makeup or supplements can make up for a low quality lifestyle. Eat well, workout regularly, abstain from illicit drugs and hard partying which ages you greatly, and keep your alcohol intake to a minimum.

Taking care of your temple (body) with interval (cross-fit/ hiit) workouts, weight training and high quality eating should be a #1 priority – like it is with any model, actress, dancer, or presenter. You’re like an elite athlete, only an elite courtesan. 😉  That #1 priority must also extend to your style, grooming and hygiene. A love of fashion and high-quality clothing will give you that high-end edge. Maintaining flawless body grooming and cleanliness can never, ever be neglected. You won’t need to rush to prepare things, if you maintain a permanent high standard. Always be groomed and ready for meeting people, except during the times you’ve set aside for yourself. (We all need a night on the sofa in p.j’s with a hot chocolate occasionally!)

In addition, your height and proportions will be a consideration. (5’6″-5’11 tall with long legs is the ideal, although some ladies at 5’4″ and 5’5″ can be successful). Femininity and understated glamour is also a priority. A gentle speaking voice, polite manners and gracious demeanor are imperative. Preferred sizes are 6-10 Australian dress size.


Personality & Conduct

There’s no point being physically stunning, if you have no personality, or think you’re better than others.. A genuinely high-class woman never treats anyone less than herself. She’s the epitome of love and kindness, not rudeness or narcissism. She doesn’t make assumptions or judgments about other people, and accepts people for who they are. She understands everyone is going through things, and is not always at the best version of themselves. 🙂   She also knows that we absorb the energy of those around us, so sometimes loving from a distance is necessary.. 🙂

If you’re self-aware (without being self-important), open minded and of a loving, giving nature, this will also set you in good stead to be a pleasing and popular courtesan. If you’re friendly & positive, with a good sense of humour and eager to please, (whilst maintaining your own boundaries), people are more likely to want to be around you. If your clients enjoy your attentive, cheerful company, they’ll call to meet with you again. Always attempt to over-deliver, and you’ll always easily earn the respect of those around you. And earn huge success – that goes for any industry. Over-delivery is the secret to success. Give if you expect to receive.

Do you enjoy adventure? Enjoy meeting new people? Enjoy exploring intellectual topics, sensuality and creative expression? Then romantic blind dates should be enjoyable and exciting for you, making you a perfect candidate for an elite courtesan escort position. If you possess a certain charisma and personality, this adds one more point to your score card.

The ability to enjoy yourself and have fun will have a large bearing on your popularity. Our clients dearly want you to enjoy yourself too; if you aren’t thoroughly enjoying his company, why would he want you there..? Nobody wants an aloof or unfriendly date who keeps looking at the time. Both of you should be able to enjoy the time, and be comfortable on the date.



Natural intelligence and good education are paramount – if you can quickly establish a rapport with someone on their intellectual level, you have a great chance to be successful. The ‘gift of the gab’ is a gift indeed. A University degree should be your minimum education level. Post graduate degrees are always welcome, although to be honest, natural intelligence is far more important than taught ‘intellect’ 😉  Nevertheless you should definitely make it your business to know about wines, art, history, politics, classical music composers, opera, ballet etc – even if it’s just to say you definitely don’t enjoy it, at least know WHY you don’t enjoy it, and be able to give an intelligent critique on the topic!



Finally, a business mind is essential. Conducting yourself with reliability and professionalism will decide whether you succeed or fail. If you’re never available, you’ll never be called for appointments. If you leave a client’s appointment unmet and disappoint him, he’ll never call to meet you again. If you leave early, when he has paid for the full time he’s booked, you won’t make a good impression on the client OR the agency. If you conduct yourself with anything less than a professional polish, as with any other prestigious position, you’ll attract a less affluent and less considerate clientele. Treat your business here as you would if you were attending a modeling casting, a deposition, a new sales client, a gallery owner meeting, a new developer interview, or whatever industry you find yourself a part of in your personal life. And they pay a lot less than these meetings do! 😉

Getting to know you is also a high priority for us at the agency, so we’re able to ascertain your preferences, and to build mutual trust into our business relationship. We tend to work on a strike system. Everyone is given the benefit of the doubt, but if unreliability and inappropriate conduct is repeated, we’ll usually politely invite you to leave. We’ll only work with the most elite young ladies, with a proper courtesan mentality.


Join us!

If you feel you can easily meet all these points, you have superb potential as a very exclusive courtesan escort and travel companion, where you can make between $50k-$300k per year, part time. It’s a very enjoyable phase in your life, and only available to you for a small window of time, between youthful freedom, and moving into your future of marriage/ family/ business. Be smart. Make the most of your talents now, to set yourself up for life financially. Whether you’re European, from Eastern Europe, USA, Oceania (Australia, New Zealand, Asia), or South America, if you’re incredibly beautiful, educated, reliable and open-minded, and you’re currently based in Australia, you can be a successful international travel companion. Contact us now! (If you’re based outside Australia, visit our international site here).

Join us now to start enjoying this lucrative, luxurious and exciting lifestyle. We guarantee your information is 100% confidential forever, and is never shared with anyone outside of the agency management.


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