Our Reputation

Above all, we promise 100% discretion and privacy forever. All our personnel signs legal confidentiality agreements, and we give our word of honour to NEVER disclose the details of our lovely clients and models, ever. How common, to slide so low as to use someone’s trust to gain notoriety or personal gain! Mynt Models® personnel and management would never, ever behave with such appalling, spineless conduct. We help create beautiful experiences for beautiful people – no nasty after-taste!


Your happiness, and the reputation of our elite agency is important to us.OUR CHARACTER

Over decades, we have strongly pursued excellence, easily surpassing any competition. Our motto is to treat every client like he is our only one. Our sincere pledge to providing 100% confidentiality, respect and superb standards is flawless and fiercely protected.

We cater for a very high-end clientele, including A-list identities and royalty. However, all our clients are considered high-end to us. Providing extremely beautiful young ladies who possess the ‘whole package’, our ability to cater for the most exacting preferences stands second to none.

A large percentage of our patrons are return clients, the remainder being referred by word of mouth. We think this stands for itself.



Our agency and models alike provide a superior, sparkling environment for our secret members to be pampered and appreciated. With our attention to detail and perfectionist standards, we are confident that those who appreciate the same high standards will understand. We are the perfect company for these high-achievers and successful industry stars to meet their match. Mynt Models® is available to assess your every query and tailor your appointment perfectly to you. Whether coordinating meetings with models for social dates, travel arrangements, and exclusive connections, when you are a client of Mynt Models®, we are here as your personal service agency, to make your time with us as pleasant and stress-free as possible.



Gorgeous travel companions for selective gentlemen

With 365 days in a year, doesn’t one deserve a few of those to indulge oneself? To spend an evening in the sophisticated company of a beautiful, world-class companion who understands you, and will make you comfortable in any social setting? Whether for an exclusive black tie function or relaxed companionship in an intimate restaurant, our international female escorts and singles are the perfect way to pass your time. Our exceptional women are well equipped to listen to you, and to captivate you with her confidence, allure and intellect. Be charmed and bewitched, with absolutely no stress or difficulty. Yes, you deserve that.



Gorgeous travel companions for selective gentlemen. Our agency has built immense trust with our clients over the years, and we take great pride in maintaining that. Confidentiality is one of our highest priorities, and all our models sign a legal confidentiality (non-disclosure) agreement to this effect also.

Dealing with the kind of clientele we do, our word of honor is imperative. Our great success has been partly built on maintaining that honor, and partly on the referrals we receive from other clients who appreciate the same.

All our A-list gentlemen are considered equally important. Whether you are at the head of your industry, in a diplomatic capacity, a top athlete or celebrity, in the political field, royalty, or some other man of stature, your privacy is extremely important to us and will never be disclosed.

Our tasteful and discreet billing company is one measure we take towards protecting our client’s privacy. We offer our clients the most advanced and confidential billing method, whether paying by cash or credit card. All charges will be displayed very discreetly on your statement. Discretion is guaranteed.


Elegant, charming women and beautiful singles for sophisticated gentlemen


We stand behind our model companions and introductions, and we offer a 100% guarantee of high quality. If the exceptional woman who arrives to meet you is not as beautiful, charming and refined as promised when she arrives, we will replace the model at no charge.* Our priority is to ensure a mutually enjoyable experience, so our open offer of good faith is to reassure our clients that there will never be any disappointments.



Our word of honor continues when dealing with the representation of our beautiful companions. At Mynt Models® you will meet exactly the beautiful woman you have been described. No question. We have exceptional experience with match-making, and rarely go wrong with introducing the perfect girl to the perfect gentleman. However humans are not an exact science, and should there be an unforeseen personality clash, we will remedy it beautifully, with minimal fuss or discomfort.



High class escort introduction agency

Elegant, charming women and beautiful singles for sophisticated gentlemen. Our extraordinary, elite companions and singles are available to travel internationally throughout the world. Our frequent calls from all over the globe have surprised even us, as to how far the word of our reputation has reached.

Most of our models are Caucasian, European (Western-based) individuals, but all the companions are experienced travelers and will willingly accompany you to any five star location in the world (schedule permitting). Whether in the USA, Europe, Australia, Asia, the Middle East, Russia, or South America – a Mynt lady will make your experience remarkable, with enduring memories.

Rest assured that discretion comes under this heading also. You can travel freely with the Mynt companions in complete discretion, as our models do not show their faces online, except in the exclusive Member area. The Members area is only available to current clients, for total exclusivity. You will never be seen with a known internet companion! Only beautiful, tasteful women.


* The 100% guarantee does not cover the lady’s transport costs. Should you and the model’s chemistry not be right in the first 10 minutes of meeting, this must be stated as the reason for wanting to meet a different lady. A gentleman who cancels his appointment for any other purpose will need to pay a cancellation fee, which may be credited towards a future appointment.
If the model escort is undressed or touched in any way, the guarantee is void. The guarantee can be valid once per appointment. We are very experienced at matching people, and if the second young lady is also not suited to your preferences, we would politely request you try another agency.