The Ideal Gentleman

The ideal gentleman for meeting the Mynt Models escortsWhen it comes to making dates with elite escorts, they’re like any authentic, high class woman – your looks don’t particularly matter. What matters are the real things – your hygiene, your values, your treatment of her and consideration of others. While there are certainly some naive ladies who place importance on whether someone has six-pack abs, or is handsome to her, most genuinely elite women, whether courtesan escorts or regular civilians, simply seek a good man with whom to spend time.


To book dates with women of this calibre, remember she’s not a typical ‘high class escort’, available to whoever calls, and often meeting multiple men per night. These ladies will be accomplished, real and quality young women, who live life to the fullest. They just happen to be blessed with phenomenal beauty, have worked to maintain their premium physique, and have been born into the upper end of society.


She’s usually well aware of (and grateful for!) her privilege, and conducts herself with great modesty and humility, as opposed to displaying narcissism and ego. As if she personally created her blessed life… 😉   The truly elite courtesan is ever-grateful for her charmed life, and her red-blooded passions and ambition to contribute something to the world is usually what draws her to the courtesan world. Her desire for knowledge, connection, experience, energy. And of course income to achieve all the dreams she has. Which is why she only accepts dates with the sophisticated and appropriate gentleman, who fits seamlessly into her world. She is usually excited by powerful, successful and knowledgeable men.


Things being as such, the eligible gentleman for the Mynt escort girls is first and foremost a true gentleman. He is educated and considerate, polite and well mannered – after all, it costs nothing to be polite. This kind of gentleman actively seeks a woman of equal sophistication, with whom to enjoy a quality date. No cringing or embarrassment, just a wonderful exchange of energy and loving attentions. A Mynt gentleman who prefers elite courtesans to general high class escorts, will pay close attention to his hygiene, and of course understands value and quality. He’ll genuinely love women, and be excited by the ‘new date’ feeling, as well as the energy and connection they can build between them. He’s confident yet relaxed, and carries a positive energy and attitude. Warm and friendly, he knows how to be with a woman of this standard.


He will usually enjoy dressing well, and like to impress his date, as she likes to impress him with her style and cuteness. He’s not really interested in spending his precious time with anyone of lower quality than himself, as he understands the concept of absorbing energy from those we spend time with. He’ll notice his date’s efforts – her hair, her labels, the little details and efforts she has gone to, to please him. Oh yes, all those little things we do are an effort just to please you, because we love to see you smile. 😉


The less appealing caller (and likely to be declined) is inappropriate and disrespectful, whether with the agency staff or the courtesan dates. He will pay little attention to his hygiene, outline specific ‘services’ he wants, and then discuss his private experience online with strangers, exposing his beautiful date’s privacy and violating her dignity. Real men are supposed to protect women, not abuse them. This kind of man will usually be some version of a misogynist, and his sarcastic/ bitter/ aggressive/ negative attitude will; usually move the lady to refuse any future calls. Or perhaps even leave the date.


Whether he has ‘issues’ with women in general, or be sexist or racist or intolerant in some manner.. Let’s try to avoid that type of individual, shall we? No amount of money can buy class, and everyone knows if you have a big attitude because you think your money makes you better than others, then you are either a nouveau riche, or very badly bred – either way, nobody cares how amazing you think you are. People only care about how you leave them feeling. And if your boasting or ‘better-than-you’ attitude leaves someone feeling down or disrespected, then what is the point of your existence…? Who would want to spend time with someone like that, whose entire sense of self worth is based on how much better they feel compared to others? There’s always someone better 😉 – the only time we should look down on others is to help them up.


On a side note – having a preference for a certain look or nationality is not considered racism. By all means, if you prefer darker skin, or lighter skin, or a specific nationality group, feel free to let us know. Personal preference is not racism. Racism is a very different issue altogether, where someone considers a person of a certain nationality or skin tone as ‘less’ than others. That’s inappropriate and unacceptable. Judge people on who they are, who they prove themselves to be. Don’t make assumptions based on outdated stereotypes or fear-based, ancient attitudes. All contemporary, forward thinking people know this, don’t they…? 😉


With all respect to everyone, we all have our own path and we’re all on our own journey. Indeed, someone whose journey is difficult can choose to react negatively to their experience, until they learn it’s actually a blessing, a lesson 😉   However, even when someone is still learning their path, we never recommend ‘throwing someone away’. People can change. Sometimes we just have to love them from a distance, until they are who they were meant to be. Even our declines are done with love 😉 <3


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