Unique Brisbane Hotels

Unique Brisbane HotelsBrisbane is quite a sleepy little place, compared to more dynamic and lively cities such as Melbourne and Sydney, however, it has been steadily gathering more buzz as a place to see and be seen. The tourist population going to Brisbane has been steadily increasing over the years, and thus, the local scene has seen more trendy cafes, amazing restaurants, and chic hotels that you and your elite companion can try.

Here are some of the most unique boutique hotels in Brisbane for you and your elite companion to check into, so that you can experience more of the amazing places that Brisbane has to offer:


Capri by Fraser

The Capri is one of the trendiest boutiques in Brisbane when it comes to their style and décor, from their geometric prints in the interior to their floral motifs at the reception. Everything about this hotel celebrate the artistic form!

However, you and your elite companion won’t need to sacrifice your convenience for form; the hotel boasts a modern restaurant in-house: Asana. Manned by Chef Pete Evans, they serve some of the best dishes highlighting fresh produce from nearby producers.


MacArthur Chambers

Elegant, dignified, and quiet, the MacArthur Chambers shows off its clean and simple look with rose gold and cream décor, accompanied by wooden accents. The modern and contemporary look makes for a comfortable and cozy stay, especially if you consider that the hotel offers practical amenities such as a fully-equipped kitchen and laundry facilities in each room.


One Thornbury Boutique B&B

If you and your elite companion are staying in Brisbane for a long vacation, the One Thornbury Boutique B&B could be your home away from home. Even though it’s pretty close to the city, you and your elite companion can enjoy complete privacy at this boutique, especially as you sit back with a cocktail and a good book at the garden. There are several great places to visit nearby, such as the Roma Street Parkland, or the Opera in the Resovoir.