What Exactly Is A ‘Courtesan’ ?

What is a courtesan? How are they different from escorts?Around the world, there are many different types of companion agency and escort agency. Most simply follow the last, or do the same as others have done. But you’re not an ordinary man, so why settle for doing business with an ordinary company? When it comes to what you accept for yourself, why settle for ‘good enough’, when you can enjoy ‘exceptional’?


For the affluent, overworked executive gentleman, average is just unacceptable, in every area of his life. Thus even applies to the VIP living a more charmed life – as a quality person, you expect quality around you. You expect to absorb quality energy from others. For most men, having time to invest in meeting new people or trawling websites for random dating is just not a desirable option.


Enter the courtesan. Unlike the general escort, or even the high class escort, this woman is a cut above. While for many, the terms ‘courtesan’ and ‘elite escort’ are interchangeable (hence our marketing terms), a few components set the courtesan apart from her cousin, the escort.


You can enjoy perusing a brief outline of the origins of the courtesan here. Perhaps you will understand the different intention with which the courtesan approaches her art. Yes she sees it as an art, not just ‘work’ – this is only one of the differences. This is the calibre of ladies we select to introduce to you.


A courtesan is a gracious, refined woman of some breeding. Her manners are impeccable, as she has quality upbringing. She’s usually from an upper-middle class background in Australia, or if she is from outside the country she may even have upper-class breeding. She’s been exposed to a quality side of life, with excellent schooling and a comfortable home. We aren’t providing ladies who turn to adult work out of necessity or desperation. These are high end beauties who choose to be available as a companion for similarly high end gentlemen. For fun, for pocket money, for the experience of meeting like-minded dates. It’s mot easy to meet quality people out there these days!


Because of her upbringing, she is completely relaxed in high end or casual environments, without any airs and graces, or pretentious prima-donna conduct. She’s naturally elegant and elite, by birth. She’s simply a free spirit, who enjoys the company of powerful and knowledgeable men, as opposed to being ties to a relationship. A courtesans is hardly from the nouveau riche set. She’s accustomed to a luxury and comfortable lifestyle – even perhaps a bit of a jet-set lifestyle, depending on her parents’ lifestyle as she grew up.


Find out what a courtesan companion is, and how she can benefit you.She’s far from a gold digger or greedy. She’s intelligent and talented enough to make her own – or maybe she even has her own waiting in a trust fund. She simply finds wealthy, intelligent men alluring and exciting. And in return she provides her stunning beauty and intellect, to create a wonderful mutual escape from the mundane world. Time spent with a courtesan is revitalizing on every level.


This kind of woman is not aggressive, but is empowered with great femininity and gentle grace. She’s confident, naturally beautiful without makeup, and is wise to her affect on men. But she is too gracious to every exploit it. She’s particularly selective, and only makes herself available to a certain quality demographic of gentlemen, who understand how to behave with such women.


She always invests in herself in all aspects, such as fitness, health and beauty of course. But also in terms of current affair knowledge, history, wine, art, culture in general. her social  conduct and etiquette is superb, and her presentation discreet and immaculate. She would never touch unsavoury behaviours like drug taking or drinking to excess.


This is becoming more and more difficult to find in Australia for some reason. Particularly in big cities like Sydney and Melbourne, the amount of girls throwing themselves to common behaviour like drinking excessively, taking drugs and being tattooed is beyond comprehension! There are many reasons why an apparently well-raised young lady would put herself into that crowd and in that kind of condition, but that’s a discussion for another article. 😉


An accomplished courtesan is suited to attend any VIP event. Because she knows how to conduct herself and is not a known companion, she blends into any situation effortlessly. She’ll never embarrass you with inappropriate remarks or off-colour conversation or distasteful attire. These are the women high end gentlemen expect to meet for private rendezvous, and and clandestine affairs of the heart.


And it is somehow an affair, as this woman’s capacity for love allows her to give far more of herself than a regular escort at work – yet she maintains a professional distance so not to interrupt your personal life. She is able to engage it when she is with you, and  leave it dormant when you’re apart. her ability to connect with you mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, sexually – this is what sets her apart. Her ability to exchange beautiful energy with you in a loving environment.


With her advanced sense of compassion, and her level-headed approach to life, she’s the one you can turn to for support, discussion, relaxation, and an authentic connection, with no strings. She’s not some silly little girl, nor a mindless sex worker. This phenomenal woman is one with whom you can be yourself, no judgement, no expectations, no stress.


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