What Does Girlfriend Experience (GFE) Mean?

GFE - Female Companion

Girlfriend Experience Definition

The phrase ‘Girlfriend Experience‘ or otherwise known as ‘GFE’, has various meanings for various people. Some groups use it to refer to an escort who offer deep, passionate kissing and a very affectionate, intimate date – much like one’s real girlfriend might, should she come to visit.

(Some use this term perhaps alluding to un-safe sexual practices also.. Be careful with whom you’re sharing your health! A girlfriend of this definition is not faithful, and very often carries unsafe bacteria with her ‘lovely’ company… )

Others think of a GFE more as a tasteful companion as opposed to a raunchy/ more common sex worker – More than a friend, but less than an actual ‘girlfriend’- just a girlfriend-like moment in time. Some escorts will be paid for a ‘service’, and leave as soon as the ‘deed is done’.. Others (GFE) will be paid for their time, as will spend a proper date with you, not rushing out immediately after.

However, for most people – and certainly for the Mynt Models® agency, A GFE simply refers to a beautiful, authentic woman of equal sophistication to yourself, with whom you get along, who happens to be available for mutually enjoyable companionship, whatever that entails for the both of you. Which is pretty much what a girlfriend does. 🙂


The Girlfriends

The elite escort who provides a GFE is usually very loving, warm, empathetic, compassionate and caring. She’ s a genuine woman, and loves to spoil people. She’s usually quite kind and will appreciate the same treatment in return. These types of girls are generally well presented (especially at this elite level), given that they usually pursue a full time career or study. They tend to take very good care of themselves and their health, as a ‘real woman’ as opposed to a career-escort or sex worker. Part of their work includes accompanying gentlemen to dinner dates and social events, so for this she must always look her best. She invests significantly in maintaining her beauty, style, general knowledge and social etiquette. In a nutshell, she’s the ideal date for a man seeking a quality, sensual companion as opposed to a sex-worker. It’s like enjoying fine dining, including patisserie dessert, as opposed to just eating ice-cream for dinner. 😉


Booking A GFE Date

Utilizing a GFE escort agency isn’t as difficult as it might seem, and certainly not as horrifying or seedy as some people perceive it to be! Don’t confuse an upscale escort with a streetwalker, brothel worker or indiscriminate callgirl. These are normal, intelligent, fresh and beautiful women you might even know in life, who just happen to be available for a small window in their lives, as a professional companion.

Booking an elite escort companion is a modern way to meet the right kind of date, whose company you can enjoy, without any expectations or consequences. Like with any date, what occurs is entirely up to the chemistry created between the two of you. Spending time with ladies like this, you can be yourself and discover what you like and dislike. This can help you maintain your boundaries in your future relationships. Practice runs, if you like. 🙂

You may have been fixed up with a blind date by friends before. It’s often a bit awkward and sometimes a disaster because you have nothing in common; She’s assessing you as potential husband material and provider, whereas a courtesan accepts you as you are, for right now. Or perhaps you’ve wasted hours trawling internet dating profiles, trying to find someone interesting you can spend some time with. The person you end up meeting often turns out to be very different to what they claimed (older/ fatter/ shorter/ completely different to their profile photo!) Or sometimes it’s just a forgettable, base experience that leaves you feeling hollow. You may have asked a colleague out on a date, and found out they were very different outside of work.. And now you have to awkwardly work with them every day. Or maybe they pressure you for more involvement than you want to pursue..

How about a regular dating agency? Have you ever truly met a beautiful and interesting woman at a dating agency? Perhaps some people have been happy with whom they’ve met, and best of luck to them, but a lot of the dating agency ‘success stories’ are fabricated. And a lot of the women on their books are there for a reason… How many years of disastrous dates, bad fix ups and failed relationships have you endured? And how much have they COST you…?


The Courtesan Agency

You can avoid all of these situations with Mynt Models® dating. We’re very selective, and screen all our models thoroughly. All the courtesans sign a legal non-disclosure agreement and contract, and we offer a 100% guarantee of quality. You’ll always meet the person you’ve booked, every time. She’ll always be exactly as described, 100% of the time. If on the very rare occasion there’s some kind of incompatibility in terms of personality or dissatisfaction with either party, we simply swap the model for another one, no questions asked, no cancellation fee.

Whatever you want to call her – elite escort, professional companion, travel buddy, GFE date or high class courtesan – it’s easy to book an exclusive, discreet appointment, and enjoy an unforgettable date with one of these intelligent, educated, beautiful women. They’re all accomplished in their full-time careers, and they’re all available occasionally to meet for fun dates, with no strings. What may or may not occur between two grown adults is their concern. We simply introduce exquisite, upscale ladies to sophisticated, refined gentlemen. Can you charm her into being all she can be for you?

Simply contact us now and we can discuss your needs, and which model may suit your preferences. Book a date with a stunning, vibrant young woman, and feel young again. Meet The GFE Escorts Here.


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